How to test a sysPass update


This procedure tells the steps to follow to try out a sysPass update without modifying the current installation

  1. Make a database backup. It could be made either through the sysPass utility, MySQL workbench or mysqldump tool
  2. Create a new database (eg. syspass21)
  3. Create an user (eg. sp_admin21) and set the permissions over the newly created database
  4. Import the backup in the newly created database. You could use the above tools
  5. Create a new directory and unpack the new sysPass version package [1]
  6. Copy all files within the “config” directory to the new path and check out the permissions [1]
  7. Modify the “config/config.xml” file to set the correct database connection parameters (“dbname”, “dbuser” and “dbpass”). Please check out that “dbHost” is correct
  8. Point the browser to the application URL and follow the steps for upgrading


[1](1, 2) See Installation for more details