sysPass is a password management system written in PHP that allows a centralized passwords management in a multiuser environment.


  • Interface based on Material Design Lite with HTML5 and Ajax
  • Encrypted passwords within AES-256 CTR
  • Multiuser with users, groups and profiles management
  • Advanced profile management with 29 access levels
  • MySQL/MariaDB, OpenLDAP and Active Directory authentication
  • Activity notifications by email and in-app
  • Public links to accounts without login
  • Accounts changes history
  • Accounts associated files management with images preview
  • Multilanguage translated to Spanish, Catalan, German, Polish, Russian, French and Dutch.
  • Link to external Wiki and DokuWiki’s API integration
  • Portable format backup and export to encrypted XML
  • Actions and events log with the ability to send messages to a remote Syslog in CEF format
  • Configurable and extensible using themes and plugins
  • API for integrating with other applications
  • Import from KeePass, KeePassX and CSV
  • One step installation